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Eagle Grove Ampride

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215 N. Commercial Avenue
Eagle Grove, IA 50533
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(515) 603-6412


5am-8pm Daily ..... 24 HOUR FUEL



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We are serving and selling quality food to you everyday.  We have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that give you a variety of choices. With different food specials everyday you are bound to find something you love. We offer 2 different soups daily. We now have Iced Coffee Machine.

Looking for the best fried chicken in town? We've got it!  We handbread Chester's Chicken in our kitchen everyday.  All Chester Combos now come with Potato wedges. Chesters Promo For the Quarter/4 Tenders & 4 Wedges for $4.44.

We also serve Hotstuff pizza and a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers, chicken wrap and appetizers. Get a Mini Pizza or Fish & Fry for just $3.99....Fish, Shrimp & Fries Combo for $5.69...One Topping Large Pizza only $11.99/Speciality Pizza $14.99.  Try our  Pepperoni Hot Sub or Quarter Pound Cheeseburgers cooked on the Grill/add tomato/onion/lettuce & pickles or chicken fried steak dinner. LIMITED TIME Chicken Tater Bowls.

A favorite Skillet Burrito in the mornings has a hashbrown patty with scrambled eggs/sausage and cheese wrapped in the burrito. 

EVERY Meatloaf MONDAY you get a Meatloaf Sandwich, appetizer & fountian drink for just $5.50

EVERY MONDAY get a double punch on our pizza, sandwich or coffee cards .  EVERY FRIDAY, take advantage of our Fifty-Cent Friday  coffee or cappuccino

Ask for one of our Punch Cards/Coffee,Sandwich,Pizza......Buy 9 Get the 10th one FREE.




Our 24  hour blender pumps are always available for you with the gas you need to get you going.  We have Unleaded, E10, E15, E30, E85.  Fuel up your vehicle with us as you're stopping to get something delicious to eat!  

We also have propane exchange available for 20 gallon grill tanks.

Like us on Facebook @Eagle Grove Cenex Ampride and be entered in all our Facebook Giveaway's.

Stop in and check us out......If you tell us you seen this on our webpage you will get a free coffee, cookie or donut.







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Eagle Grove Ampride